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Go ahead and check out my youtube channel! This website was created so you can get newsletters and learn about my videos before they are released to the public! So Enjoy!

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This website was created in 2014. We were doing pretty well with it and then we got hacked. We recovered and due to the hackers we lost all of our previous data. We are starting new with a whole new design!

Sleek & Beautiful

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Go ahead and send them to our info email! and who know maybe your ideas will end up in a video! If you leave a suggestion and it get chosen we will feature your channel or social media account! Thanks!

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July 25, 2017 No Comments


Channel Video Survival 1: I Begin My Kingdom Minigames 1: I murder my friends… 2: The shortest round ever 3: Where did they come from??? 4: I witnessed a murder… alomst. 5: Ragequiting at parkour

January 25, 2016 No Comments


Help! Hey guy and gals, i am working on a youtube channel and I would appreciate it if you would Subscribe. I also need some ideas for some new posts so if you guys have any ideas please comment! But please, no really violent games. Thanks!